Blendergrl's Weight Loss Tracker

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First WI - Feb 27th

I am so happy to write that today I weighed in down 5.8lbs!!! Very exciting! I stayed for the meeting - not the most motivational topic but it is nice to sit in a room of 50+ people that are having the same struggles I am. I have now had 7 complete days on plan, hasn't been too hard at all - no real cravings, had a meal out yesterday with friends, I swam in the afternoon so using the AP I didnt even have to use any of my extra points for the week. Week 2 starts tomorrow and I am feeling confident and strong!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Taking a deep breath and going for it!

I have been very inspired by reading the message boards at Weight Watchers online and reading the blogs of others sharing this battle. I am so determined that I will see success and I want to document every step of this journey - not only to see my progress but to help keep myself accountable to myself. My first week has been great. I have learned so much about my eating habits and what needs to change. My husband is also thrilled that I am making this committment - not only that I will look better but also I will be healthier and more active. We have struggled with infertility over the past decade and time is running out us to begin our family - I want to be a healthy, strong and active mom.. I am doing this first for myself and second for the children I know we will have one day. My first WI is tomorrow and I am excited to watch that number fall!