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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Going Public

Tonight I inadvertently outed my blog to a friend of mine. I had told her about the blog last year but never gave her the link. Writing this blog, although mostly just a collection of recipes, was a very private thing for me. It has been a place to share whatever I wanted with people who were interested, but not connected to my 'real' life. Once I gave her the secret to finding my little space on the Internet we sat down and did a quick glance through the last three years of posts (although the last year has been pretty inconsistent). It has been a very long time since I went back to all those old posts and rather than feeling self-conscious about them I felt nostalgic and proud of my progress. My friends only judgement on my blog was that I had blotted out her face and not mentioned her even though she is my canning partner and often in the backdrop of my pictures. So..... I would like to introduce you to my buddy Dana. Since we moved here three years ago she has become my closest friend, actually more like family than friends. Her kids call us Auntie and Uncle and her husband is like a brother to me and my husband. She is the most honest and open person I know and, because I am naturally a very private person, she has helped me open up in a way I rarely do. I know she is reading this right now.. probably sniffling a little... so Dana consider this post a virtual hug from me to you!

I have been a terribly absentee blogger lately but I am happy to report that I am still maintaining and eating clean and healthy most of the time. I do have a stash of pictures and recipes that I promise to start sharing again soon. If anyone is at all interested I have started another blog to chronicle the fishing adventures that have been taking up most of my spare time.