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Monday, July 13, 2009

Tough Love

That is what I need, I wrote that last post committing myself to counting points, staying on track, blah blah blah... and I did none of it. This morning I weighed 206lbs. Not a huge gain but moving in the wrong direction none the less. I have been doing the... 'oh Ive been so good Ill just have a little of this' or 'Ill make cookies for DH and his co-workers and pop a few into my mouth as well'. The most frustrating part is that I really don't feel bad about it. I do what to lose these last 25-30 pounds but I am so much happier with myself physically, emotionally, etc.. than I was a year ago that it is hard to get mad at myself for and splurging on an ice cream cone now and then. But, I know this is a slippery slope and I have to regain some of my focus and get back into a regular routine. It has not been all bad - DH and I got in a 30km bike today on a trail system in a nearby town - here is a picture he took of me deep in the bush (I am trying to avoid tan lines so I can wear a strapless dress to an upcoming wedding - hence the 80's flashback tube top!)

Tomorrows goals:

Menu plan for the week and do 60 minutes of Wii (DDR and/or Active)

Blog in the evening whether I was successful or not!


Unknown said...

Great job on the bike ride and for setting some goals! I always have a bad week when I bake or make goodies- even though they are healthy I tend to over do it- so if Im NICE and make them for someone else I have to get them outta the house ASAP! lol :)

Journo June aka MamaBear said...

Yeah, you need to watch those thoughts of "I've been so good, I can indulge!" It's the quickest way to get back where we started. Tracking everything and staying accountable is a good way to stay on target.
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