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Saturday, June 14, 2008

All's Quiet on the Weightloss Front..

Last couple days have been good. DH is home (his job has him away working for 4 days and then home for 4 days) and I have three days off work so we are just hanging out and today we visited some family nearby. Between us we have lost 70 lbs in the last 4 months. The increased energy combined with the stress of our move being gone has been so good for our marriage. The past 5 years have been really tough with job stress, three miscarriages, family issues etc... I am so happy that right now (after 13 years together) we are closer than we have ever been!

Enough of the sappy... onto the food. We have been eating really well for the past few days (although I sit here trying to down another 500ml of water while DH snores beside me). The most picture worthy dinner was this WW-ized version of natchos that he made last night. So good that I would have bet money it was bad for me! Whole grain baked chips, turkey chili, LF mozzarella, tomatoes, lettuce, salsa and ff sour cream.. delicious!


JanetM97 said...

This looks so delicious! :) I'm happy for you and your dh, too. Feeling good about yourself helps with how you feel about others, too, don't you think? Anyway, best of luck with everything. :)

Julie said...

Looks super yummy!!
congrats on feeling good and having such a great relantionship!

Journo June aka MamaBear said...

Looks quite delish! Congrats on your progress. You've definitely been through some rough times lately. Glad it's brought you closer together. Sending hugs.
Path to Health

cdndyme said...

The nachos look positively delicious!
I'm so happy that things are working out for you. It feels so wonderful when all the balls we have been juggling start moving in unison.

Brightcetera said...

Can you please pass me some of that?
It's great that you & hubby are doing this together.
Congratulations on your weight loss!