Blendergrl's Weight Loss Tracker

Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Menu

1 cup fruit salad

WW Bun
Turkey burger
FF cheese slice
Lettuce, pickle, mayo
1 cup fruit salad

10 cheese rice crackers

Chicken meatballs
Tomoto sauce, mushrooms
Grated mozzarella

fruit salad
Skinny Cow sundae

Today was a pretty good day, OP with my food but still do not have the energy to do much after work except a short walk with the dog. I have the afternoon off tomorrow and I am committed to swimming 1km and some time in the steam room!

Sunday Menu

Ok, take 2 at trying to post my daily menu for a week. Today was a good day, work was busy, the sun was shining and I am reall starting to feel like my old self.

Smoothie (mango, peach, strawberry, vanilla yogurt, pinapple juice)

Coleslaw with raisins

WW bun
Turkey burger
Lettuce, tomato, pickle
mayo, FF cheese slice
Roasted potatoes (1 tps EVOO)

Skinny Cow Sundae (2 - had a couple points left)
Fruit salad
1 cup skim milk

Saturday, March 29, 2008

On the upswing!!

I am feeling much better today, not 100% but at least I made it through my day with a smile on my face! I am the manager of a clothing store and weekends are very busy, If I am not attentive to my customers and keeping the store running smoothly, no one else will.. so as my DH says... suck it up buttercup!! I have not done any real exercise since the hour on the treadmill last Monday and I feel so lazy.. it is amazing how working out can give you so much more energy. So the plan to get back on track is 45min walk tomorrow, 30min swim on monday and 45min 3mile WATP video on Tuesday. I will only have 10 AP before my WI on Wednesday but that is better than 0!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

I feel disgusting...

I am having some major TOM issues.. with my infertility problems come all sorts of issues with my crazy monthly cycles but this has got to be the worst in about 5 years. I will spare you the details but it is all I can do to fill the hot water bottle or crawl into a hot tub. I really wish my husband was not away - or that I had a good friend in this little town we have recently moved to. My hormones are going crazy and I am so lethargic and emotional. I dragged myself to work today and tried to put on a smile but it was pretty obvious that I was having a tough time. I am usually very positive and energetic at work no matter how I am really feeling, but I just didn't have the energy to fake it today. Yesterday I had 5 points left at the end of the day even after making so bad food choices, I just didn't have the energy to make myself anything to eat. Today was a bit better, no bad foods but it is 10pm and I have 7 points left and absolutely no appetite. I hope this ends soon so I can get back into the pool and shake myself out of this hormonal funk!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WI #5 -3.4lbs

I was very happy about my WI tonight, -3.4 brought my total lost over 15lbs. I had few tempting days in Vancouver for work but somehow I have found willpower I never knew I had. I had fruit and skim milk for breakfast each day, a veggie wrap or sub for lunches and I actually bought a frozen WW dinner (which I would never do at home) and ate it at the hotel so I could avoid room service. I even did an hour on the treadmill in the hotel gym. My only moment of weakness involved a big bag of baked lays... I thought I could just eat a few each evening.. yeah, pretty clear now that I can not have a big bag of chips near me.. they were all gone in about an hour!! At least they were baked, I counted them as weekly flex and then drank a ton of water to try and flush them out as quickly as possible. Interestingly at my WW meeting tonight we talked about our Red Light Foods - chips are definately mine!! My menu posting will resume tomorrow... chips will not be there!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Interruption

I will have to stop with the menu posting till nuxt week as I have to go out of town for work suddenly. I will be hotelling it for three days - the last trip was a success in terms of staying OP, I hope I can do the same this time!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Day 2 - Menu

Smoothie - mango, ff yogurt, skim milk - 3pts

WW Bagel - 2pt
Crab salad- 3pt
Tomato slice
Quinoa Salad - 4pts
Apple - 2pts

WW Chocolate Cake 1pt

Prawn Pad Thai (homemade and sooooooo tasty) - 9pts

9pts left for the rest of the day... will update later.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Menu Accountability

I am going to post my menu each day for the next week to make sure continue tracking, here comes today's delicacies:

Smoothie (strawberries, banana, ff yogurt, skim milk) 5pts

Curried squash and apple soup 4pts
Rice crackers 2pts
Apple 2pts
Snap Peas 1pt
500ml H2O

1 cup Clamato 1pt

Turkey burgers 4pts
WW mini buns 4pts
lettuce, tomato, pickle
FF Cheese 2pts
LF mayo 1pt
Roasted asperagus 1pt
500ml H2O

Frozen peanut butter cup 2pts

four points remaining for evening snacking (probably popcorn) and 500ml more water

I got all my fruits and veg, fibre, protein, healthy oils and H2O! My husband is coming home for the long weekend - first time in a month, I am excited to see him but I think he will be a bit shocked to see the lack of junk in the fridge/cupboards!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WI #4

Woohoo... my two week loss at the WI was 4.6lbs. I am so excited that I managed the loss even being out of town for the first week. Today was a great OP day. I woke up and instead of rolling over and going back to sleep I dragged my butt out of bed and tried out my new WATP video (3mile abs) what a workout!! Who knew that walking could make you sweat so much. So I earned 4 AP before breakfast!

My inlaws stopped in for lunch as my MIL was dropping my FIL at the airport nearby, since my husband is away still I thought it would be really stressful but everone was pleasant. After she dropped him off her and I went to the pool (3 more AP!!) so I was feeling great by WI time!

I made some fantastic 2pt treats last night that I got off the WW boards

8 oz. cool whip (fat free)
6 Tblsp. Peanut butter
2 Tblsp. chocolate syrup

Combine peanut butter and cool whip line a small 12 muffin tin panspoon mixture into linersdrizzle chocolate syrup on top on all treats and freeze

I am a sucker for a sweet/salty treat and these did the trick!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tough night... good morning

Yesterday started out great, I had my planned breakfast smoothie, ate my planned healthy lunch at work, had an apple on the way to the pool. I swam a KM for 3 AP and then came home to make dinner. I made WW pasta with mushrooms and tomato sauce, a grilled turkey breast and a salad. Usually this would be lots of food. I ate it all very slowly (as per the Beck book) and did not snack while making it. I felt full..... and about an hour later I was so hungry!! This is worst since I began WW. I ate the leftover pasta, then had some yogurt/ff cool whip, a glass of Clamato... then I finally took a big glass of ice water and went to bed. I am proud that I did not go over my points (thought it was the first time I used my APs) and chose low point options and stayed OP but I don't know what my body/head was trying to tell me???

This morning is a new day though.. I peeked at the scale this morning and saw a number I have not seen in a long time (WI is tomorrow so I hope it shows its face again:) I took my pup for a walk as soon as I woke up (3AP) and am checking the message boards before I make breakfast.. that always helps me keep perspective. I have the day off so laudrey and housework awaits. If the sun comes out the pup and I may go to the beach!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Reasons I want to lose weight..

As per the Beck book I have written down the most important reasons I would like to lose this weight. I am committed to reading over these reasons daily and using them to add motivation when I need it:

1. I will have more energy
2. I will look better
3. I will do things I have always been afraid to
4. I will start a family and be an active parent
5. I will buy the clothes I want at any store
6. I will have accomplished a major goal
7. My husband will not have to worry about my health
8. I will have control over what/when/how I eat

Seems so logical when it is staring me in the face.. I want to acheive these thing so badly...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Back home and very proud

I survived my week away and when I stepped on the scale I found I had lost a pound!! I was so conscious of everything I put in my mouth and made the best choices I could - saying no to dessert, wine, appetizers left me with enough points to have some nice meals out with friends/coworkers. I bought the Beck Diet Solution book and workbook and read it each night and did the first three days of tasks, it is amazing to read something that speaks so clearly to the relationship I have had to food and dieting all these years. So I arrived home tonight - bought groceries and am making my meal plans for the week and am excited to get back to the pool tomorrow to resume my exercise plan.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Taking this diet on the road..

I am heading out of town tomorrow for 5 days of staying in hotels and visiting old friends. I am pretty nervous about staying OP while I am away. It has been pretty easy when I am the one shopping, cooking and preparing meals but I don't know where and what I will be eating for the rest of the week. I am going to try to keep connected to the message boards each night to focus myself an keep re-affirming my goals. Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A little lonely on my journey...

My husband is in another province for the next 10 weeks completing his last semester of school.. we are used to being apart but this is a long time! I will go visit a couple times in the next month but it would be nice to have him home in the beginning of this trip Im on. Actually maybe not.. he has never been strong in resisting food, but he will always excercise with me when I want him too. Every day on the phone I have been telling him what I am eating and telling him how many points he is consuming as he has McDonalds for lunch and donuts for breakfast.. when he gets back home he has agreed to go OP with me - hopefully by then I will have this thing mastered :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

WI #2 -1.6 down

Week two was good.. not too difficult.. results were not as great as I would have liked but I know I was in the high end of the typical range.. I am going away for work this week so I see a whole new set of challenges in my future... I am making a promise to myself to stay OP and make wise choices while eating out every meal for 5 days (yikes) this will be a true test!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

First Challenging Days!

I have completed my second weight watchers weekend and it was full of challenges. My Sister and nieces came to visit and I had promised them a fondue party. Thanks to some great suggestions on the forum I did a nice broth fondue with lean meat and a ton of veggies. The temptation was the cheese fondue and the lovely bread to go with it. I was very concious of what I was puting in my mouth and I think I managed to stay within points for the day. Today we went to Boston Pizza and I had the taco salad... seemed like a sfe choice, when I got home and checked the NI on their website I saw that it was 10pts... not great but not bad for an entire lunch. Problem #2 was the Turtle Cheesecake they brough with them - I had about a 2cm sliver - called it 5 points, enjoyed it and put it behind me.... until today when I saw they did not take the leftovers with them... CRUEL! I cut myself another 2cm sliver and promptly threw he rest in the garbage can outside - I made that sliver last about twenty minutes and it was fantastic!! I is amazing that only two weeks ago I would have eaten a huge slice without ven thinking about it.. by savouring a tiny bit I think I probably enjoyed it more. So I have three days until WI and am drinking ton of water to flush out the extra sodium I have consumed and will have to hit the pool the next three days to catch up on my AP goal. It was a weekend of temptation and I feel that I was victorious but did not have to deprive myself.. I would call that success!